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World Trade Station

With the loss of the World Trade Center, we find an unique opportunity to do something differently in Lower Manhattan. Everybody has a plan. Only my plan is better! : ) 

It consists of a four track tunnel under the Hudson River, and another under the East River, but unlike the ideas for an East River crossing, this connects directly to the Sunnyside yards and runs to Jamacia via the old Montauk Line. This line is suitable for high-density, high-speed traffic (regardless of what the NIMBYs may have to say about it.)

Trackage to Newark Airport already exists, and the trackage to LaGaurdia Airport exists for all but the last two miles, and all of that over existing expressway ROWs ala the Air Train. Indeed, it may even connect to the Air train!

The detail in Manhattan (as seen above) shows the tunnel under the East River, and the line running under Avenue C. This is a deep line, since the station is envisioned as being on the same (or lower) level as the previous PATH station. Figure the 7th or 8th basement level. (I have plans for a regular 4 track subway line running on Avenue C as well, but this at a much higher level. Because of the depth of this line, it is not seen as being a disruption to those living on or just below the surface.

As seen in this track diagram, this is a station, rather than a terminal. LIRR trains continue west to a yard in New Jersey, while NJT trains continue east to the Sunnyside yards.

During rush hours, the LIRR uses tracks 1 and 2, while NJT uses tracks 3 and 4. In theory you could push 60 LIRR and 60 NJT trains through here each hour during the peek of the rush hour, but this would leave only 3 minutes for loading trains. 30 THP for each line is much more reasonable, leaving about seven minutes for trainloading.

Included with this traffic flow are airport trains, probably operated by these railroads under a contract with the Port Authority.

Outside of the rush hours trains could terminate here. Then LIRR would use tracks L1 and L4, and NJT would use tracks J1 and J4. Tracks 2 and 3 are used by the New York Atlantic Rail Road to move freight trains between New Jersey and Long Island or Connecticut. Any number of freight trains may be run through here, especially at night.

Atlantic Avenue?

With the movement of Downtown trains to the Montauk branch, the Atlantic Avenue branch becomes all but surplus. It can be taken over by the Transit Authority for high speed service to Brooklyn and lower Manhattan, possibly moving midtown via Fifth Avenue (NIMBYs notwithstanding). Extensions to the Eastern part of Queens and Brooklyn could run trans down this line, but that is a different fantasy.

Please feel free to make comments on these plans on our Bulletin Board. Thank You!

© 2001 Elias Thienpont