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23rd Street Subway

The 23rd Street - Nostrand Avenue Subway is an all new subway line providing service from Javits Center (on 11th Avenue, with a crosstown line following 23rd Street, then via Avenue C and Pitt Street to Whitehall Street (via Water Street) and to Brooklyn, to Emmons Avenue (via Nostrand Avenue) and to Kings Plaza via Flatbush Avenue.

The terminal at Javits Center also accomodates an extension of the 14th Street Subway, and the 42nd Street (Flushing) Line.Javits Center is the only stop on 11th Avenue, but the lines extend well past Javits center in both directions, allowing for a large terminal capacity.

The 23rd Street line is deep deep two track line, passing under all existing lines, including a deep 6th avenue line. There are connections to these subway lines, but all of these lines only make local stops at 23rd Street. There is an underground concourse level intergal to the construction of the 23rd Street line, which extends from 10th Avenue to 1st Avenue. Space on this concourse can be rented out to local merchants.

Turning onto Avenue C there are both local and express tracks and the stops along Avenue C and Pitt Street are all local stops. The Local train continues through Brooklyn to Glenwood Road (Flatbush Avenue on the Nostrand Avenue Line) where it connects with the IRT.

Shown here, is detail of the Javits Center station. The 23rd Street Subway and the 14th Street Subway both arrive on the lower level on 11th Avenue, each is two tracks, but there is no interconnection except for service use.

The 42nd Street (IRT) line comes in on an upper level, as does a proposed Queens Bridge LRV line. The 14th Street and 23rd Street lines have tail tracks that follow undeer the LRV line to 57th Street, allowing the lay up of 16 trains per line. A similar set of tail tracks allows the IRT and the LRVs to layup outside of the Javits Center station to the south.

The Water Street line is served by trains from Javits Center in Manhattan and by trains from Emmons Avenue in Brooklyn with daytime service. Night time service is provided by the Second Avenue subway on the upper level.

The main route passes into Brooklyn in the new Gold Street Tunnel. It is a two track tunnel dividing again into four tracks once it is in Brooklyn.

Flatbush Avenue is the prinicpal connection in downtown Brooklyn, with connections to the DeKalb Avenue Station on the BMT. The line turns east onto DeKalb Avenue, and then south again on Washington Avenue.

The Subway ends at Glenwood Road, and then two elevated lines continue the service to Emmons Avenue (via Nostrand) and to Kings Plaza (via Flatbush Avenue). the Elevated portions are build on solid concrete risers, and are completely sound-proofed.

At Kings Plaza the line continues past the terminal to allow about six trains to be laid up at this point. There is a possibility of building yards on the grounds of the old Naval Air Station.

The Nostrand Avenue Line, ducks underground again just past Voorhies Avenue, and makes a subway terminal at Emmons Avenue.

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