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Brooklyn Center is clearly the most complicated junction on any subway system. Here nine routes combine into one station. Here there are four platforms hosting eight tracks on each of two levels, with one more platform and pair of tracks on the lowest level.

The upper level hosts service to Manhattan, while the second level carries service to Brooklyn and parts of Queens. The lowest platform serves the Brooklyn-Queens Crostown Line. In additon to this vastly versitile station complex, there is no interlocking plant for this station. Trains do not change tracks or routes at this point. Any switch plant here is controled by the main dispatcher and is only used to flex service around problem areas.

A snapshot of what service here looks like may be seen by these "direction signs."

Service to Manhattan
Platform A
via South Ferry
Platform B
via Fulton Nassau
Platform C
via Manhattan Bridge
Platform D
via East Side
Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

7th Ave
Track 4

6th Ave
Track 5

5th Ave
Track 6

3rd Ave
Track 7

8th Ave
Track 8

23rd St

Service to Brooklyn and Queens
Lower A
Lower B
Lower C
Lower D
Track 9

4th Ave
West End
Sea Beach
Track 10

Jamacia Ctr
via Fulton Ave

Riss Park

via Fulton Ave

Track 11

via Nostrand Ave

East 233 St
via Pitkin Ave
and Linden Blvd

Track 12

Coney Island
Kings Hwy
via Culver Line
(McDonald Ave)
Track 13

Coney Island
via Brighton Line

Kings Plaza
via Flatbush Ave

Track 14

Coney Island
via Ocean Pky

Green Acres
Via Linden Blvd

Track 15

via Rockaway Parkway

Kings Plaza
via Utica Avenue

Track 16

Jamacia Ctr
via Myrtle Av

via Nostrand

Crosstown Line
Platform E
Track 17

Church Av
Track 18

Queens Pl

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© 2001 Elias Thienpont